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she/her, amateur guitarist

I often accidentally say things I don't mean. I once said, to an acquaintance of mine, 'Oh! I forgot you existed!' ... (I am incredibly stupid)

Boundaries (if you want to be my friend)

So, like, as an autistic person, I never understood people, I always said the wrong thing, so I learnt to blame myself. I think you can guess why this is bad. I've spent my whole life trying to be as nice to people as possible and hating myself, but I've had the sudden realisation: people need to try to understand me. So, from now on, I won't let people walk all over me. I won't let people ghost me, be offensive to me and I won't let them let me blame myself.

I had a best friend, for one year and a half, and I was sad for most of that time, but I thought that, if I were just a bit nicer, a bit more understanding, a bit better, they would put in a fraction of the effort to understand me. They ghosted me for that year, said they just needed some alone time, or whatever. As a message to them: Fuck you if you're reading this, Inds. I feel so stupid, I feel so used.

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